About me


I started this blog with the intention to write about Norwegian standards, values and culture in collision with both ourselves and the rest of the world. As much as I enjoy this and will have this element with me in everything I write, I came to the realisation that I need to share my passion. This started a whole new process within me because I realized that I had no clue what my true passion was. Don’t get me wrong here, I have passions, but as an individual that lives most of her day in her own internal world of thoughts and the physical world on auto-pilot, I knew I had some work to do: both in rediscovering what sets my soul on fire and be more tending about what goes on inside my head on a day to day basis. I love to create, debate and write, and I’ve decided that I am going to share the quest of my rediscovering what life is all about – and you are invited to join me, for inspiration or utter entertainment. 

This blog will be more personalised, but I’ll leave my original description here because I think it’s a very important conditioning for who I am as a person. I am Norwegian and we do have our ways of thinking, our values and our world view. It is the social and environmental conditioning that I stem from and it might give you a better understanding of who I am as a person.

In a small corner of the world lays the wonderful country of Norway. A magical and mysterious place where it’s inhabitants are descended from vikings, trolls live under bridges and where hotdogs are considered traditional food. A happy place where quality of life is rated highest in the world. But what do you really know about this utopia and it’s residents?

It’s so easy to imagine Norwegians as a part of European culture, and the western tradition. We are, to some extent, but as an eager traveler for the last ten years I’ve come to the conclusion that a culture crash is unavoidable. Even with our neighbors in which we share common culture and history.  I would dare to say: Even among ourselves. So why is this and what is it that makes Norwegians into such a weird species? Norway, a country of five million people spread out in between fjords and on top of mountains along a 100 915 km coastline.  Honestly, we don’t always understand each other either with those crazy Norwegian dialects.

So.. this is what you got yourself into: A Norwegian journey. Lets explore what it really means to be a Norwegian human together, both in culture, values, customs and traditions –  both in Norway and out there in the world.