Emotional flashbacks – what are they and how to discover them.

In my previous post I addressed emotional flashbacks without diving into what an emotional flashback is. I am addressing this subject today and hope that this will give you or someone you love a better understanding of self. The freedom that comes with recognition of emotional flashbacks is something every human on earth deserves and […]

How to take the first step in giving zero f**ks about what other people think about you.

I used to judge people, on a high scale. I had an automatic judgemental thought system. And I was scared to death of people judging me. That is the ugly truth. I had a way of thinking about people, my surroundings and myself that was utterly toxic. It broke me down on several occasions and kept […]

Never have I ever dealt with anything more difficult than my soul.

It’s that uncomfortable feeling of the unknown. The fear of being tricked, hurt and for your heart to be mutilated. The fear of scares opening and the outline of new wounds to manifest into reality. It is the uncomfortable feeling of insecurity that makes itself present and play with matches with the intent to start […]