When life throws you shit

Long time no see, friends. 

What a journey it has been these past few months. Everything and nothing has happened. Still stagnant and yet I’ve come so far. 

It’s been quiet in here, but the reason for that is that I’ve had a more action based period, where the room for reflection has been limited. I also started working as a freelance journalist, so writing for myself hasn’t been a priority. 

Now, on the other hand, I feel the need. It’s the combination of being daily flabbergasted by the insane world we live in (yea, I write news), the stories of the people I’ve encountered and my personal growth. I had to do something very heartbreaking these past couple of days. I am so proud of myself for being true to my heartspace, but I hate that saying yes to myself means saying no to others – and the hurt that I’ve brought upon them. I’m all up in my feelings and the raw, ugly sensations that comes with it. 

What is a person to do, when you care so intensely for another, but you have to choose your happiness or theirs? How can anyone win in that?   

At the end of the day, one must realise that life throws you shit regardless. Picking the shit you can live with, is the answer. 

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