The hysteria of coaching.

Are you one of those people who hungers for a meaningful existence, that dream of living your full potential? You read books, watch youtube and search for ways to live out or find your fulfillment, but get overwhelmed by the insanity of to-do lists, crazy calendars and hardcore rituals you get told to do on a daily basis? This post is for you.

Coaching is in the wind like never before. More and more people reach out to coaches and mentors, or ask for guidance in spirituality. Our pursuit of happiness has shifted. With more possibilities than ever and with more stability than ever, meaning less hand-to-mouth, our perception of happiness and good fortune are more difficult to meet. We have one foot in each camp, we are divided between spirit and material, and our hunger for success in life is larger than ever – whatever that might mean to you. The human nature is to create, to stay in movement and to accomplish extraordinary things. But what happens when we are so comfortable in our situation that the fear of loosing everything, even though it does not serve you any longer, is larger than your hunger? You ask for help.

Ask and you shall receive, they say.

And boy, do some receive. The advice given is insane rutines for accomplishing as much as you can in as little time as possible. You have to get up earlier, you need to have habits for everything and every single action is to be put in your calendar. You need to keep a journal. You must exercise. Eat healthy. Reflect every single day. Stand on one hand while you dust your shelfs with your toes, pet the cat with the other hand and script your new book into a recorder. Also, remember to sleep eight hours a day. 

Stop the earth. I want to get off.

That’s pretty much how I felt going into coaching. It was completely overwhelming and I got asked questions I hadn’t even begin to collect thoughts around yet – which is good, but when a straight up answer is expected then and there, it creates a shallow and awkward situation. Just looking at the expectations made me grasp for air. As a happy-go-lucky person, this made me feel insufficient, but more importantly I realized that a strict life like this is the opposite of my intentions. I still went ahead with the coaching. First of all, because I don’t quit. Second, because even though the whole concept was overwhelming and I felt a strong sense of resistance, I chose to see what I might get out of it.

Coaching taught me to break though patterns and habits…

…More than becoming a super-human. Coaching also gave me tools to reorganize my life and new insight of how to focus upon my intentions. With that said, my schedule looks nothing like those you see in the world of coaching. My way to go about things are still my own. What coaching did for me was to clarify what I did not want, which took me one step closer to what I actually want, leave me with tools of my choice and a new way of seeing myself – which is the whole point with coaching I would say. The way there was a very uncomfortable journey with a lot of bla-bla. What I am trying to say is: Coaching is overwhelming and it is supposed to be, but don’t write it off. Take what you can from it. Learn about the world of madness and find your routine. Do things your way. Coaching is simply input, not law. To be inspired we need input. We need experiences. We need to try new things. We need to feel uncomfortable to progress.

So if you are one of those people who are looking into coaching or are at the beginning of your journey, but feel insecure: Go for it! Just do it. Be overwhelmed and find your way. Trust yourself and don’t get caught up in hysteria.

Find your way.


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