Emotional flashbacks – what are they and how to discover them.

In my previous post I addressed emotional flashbacks without diving into what an emotional flashback is. I am addressing this subject today and hope that this will give you or someone you love a better understanding of self. The freedom that comes with recognition of emotional flashbacks is something every human on earth deserves and it is important for me to share this with you.

Though I am pretty sure that the definition of a flashback is common knowledge, I think this is a good place to start. A flashback is a sudden, usually powerful, re-experiencing of a past experience or elements of a past experience. Either that be a good or a bad one. Now, emotional flashbacks are a powerful emotional re-experiences. It is believed that emotional flashbacks are unconscious re-experiences and often misplaced emotional patterns of lost or unconnected memories. An emotional trauma. 

The situation or memory connected to the emotional reaction is lost, so that you believe the emotional reaction belongs to the present.

Pewh! That was some hard shit to explain, but I hope I made that understandable. Since Im not a psychologist, I will draw this out of my own experience which lead me to figure out that this actually was a thing.

My emotional flashback has triggers and when triggered I have the identical emotional reaction, independent of context. It can be work, romantic relationships, friendships, family or strangers for that matter.

It’s not dependent on specific people, its related to specific triggers.

This has caused me a lot of problems. My reaction has been so intense, even in small situations, because the emotional pattern has been triggered and unleashed all my inner worst feelings. I am not going to address my personal trigger points or the event that caused this, the importance is that you understand that no matter how big or small – emotional flashbacks can rush over you when triggered. It is also important to understand that this is not an excuse to act like an asshole, which is why we are going to get right to the point of how you can figure out if you have got emotional flashbacks:

1. You’re overtaken by one specific, complex emotional system when exposed to several different situations.

2. You’re feelings are out of control and you’ve got no self-restraint.

3. You’re wondering what the f*ck happened once you’ve settled down.

If you find yourself in situations where this emotional system takes over persistently and intensely, you might have yourself an emotional flashback.

Figuring out emotional flashbacks might not be a walk in the park, but I will share my way of doing this with you. First of all, I’ve been working with and reflecting on my less charming situations and experiences for quite some time now and when this recent situation happened I just knew something was WAY off. I want you to know that my feelings haven’t been completely off, because that would have made me recognize this sooner, but it is the intensity and lack of self control that gave it away for me and unlocked not just the previous situation – but every single one of them that I have experienced in my adult life. The first step is therefor to recognize your own crazy, I guess. The second thing I did was meditation. This meditation:

I know it’s a long one, but it is worth it. Michael Seley and I have had an ongoing YT-relationship for a while (even if he has no knowledge of this). It might take you several times or it might crack in one, or maybe this doesn’t rock your emotional boat at all – but it is worth trying. It was the emotional film-situation that cracked mine for me and believe me: it was amazing. I do recommend his meditations all together and most of all to do them when you least want to/need them the most. The calm is rewarding.

Now, this is where I typically would give you some points on how to deal with and repair your emotional trauma, but because this is all new to me, I am sorry to say that it will have to wait until I crack the next level myself. I will have to round this off with the best of luck to you if you do decide to embrace this journey and to thank you for stopping by.

May the world loose some emotional flashbacks today and heighten it’s vibration.


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