Perfection is a farce.

Lets talk about our tendencies to model others: The hysteria surrounding body image, success and trendy perfection.

In my 20s I was desperate to fit in to a certain category of human kind, especially the one I call fit-category. The then trending body ideal of my personal worst time. That did not work out to well to be honest, with over training and obsession I managed to wreck myself completely both mentally and physically. As time has passed by, I shifted my focus and I grew, thankfully. Yay thirty!! (Seriously).

This issue though, has not changed, the world is still the same. A new body ideal has risen and I recognise the desperation in others, that once lived in myself. That makes me feel very sad, but also hopeful. I want you all to know that that imitating others isn’t nearly as charming and fascinating as you being yourself. In every sense possible. What you might loath about yourself, I might love and admire. What you see as wrong because it doesn’t fit the current ideal, might be the thing I cherish most about you.

I often get inquiries regarding fitness plans and coaching. I am not interested. Even though I am an active person with a huge heart space for gymtime, your assumptions that I want to make myself into something else is wrong. I am not criticising the proposals here, I admire people for reaching out with their business, so kudos to you! My point is, we assume that others are looking for what we are looking for ourselves, and sometimes we cannot be more wrong.

If you asked me what my fitness goal are, I can answer you straight away: I am already there. I love my workout sessions. I love my body. I have FUN. I think I look good. That doesn’t mean I don’t have ambitions or that I am not improving things, but my ideal is most likely very different to yours, maybe. I am not looking for a huge peach, or veins that will make a nurse orgasm. I am not looking to crush a watermelon with my thighs. And I have no intention to wash my clothes on my stomach, I have a washer for that so that I can eat cheese and watch ghost adventures instead. I’m telling you this, because I want you to know that we don’t have to be the same. We all don’t have to imitate the same. What a fucking boring world that would end up as. There are people who start these trends because they are who they are. See where I am getting at here?

Please be your beautiful unique self! And if a peach to serve tea on is what you want, that’s ok too. No shaming intended here.

I love and admire you all, your big bums and your small. You hippie and you sticky. You who got extras and you who don’t own a trunk. You are all beautiful and no one, no one, can add to the world what you specifically with your unique person has to offer.

Be you. The world will adjust. …and if it doesn’t? Fuck it, dance anyway.



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