The Doorstep Mile.

In Norwegian we have an expression most accurately translated into the “doorstep mile”, dørstokkmila. The doorstep mile expresses the distance we feel we have to walk before actually exiting our door to walk ut and to something specific. In other words: The lack of motivation to actually start something, often something easy or everydayish.

My doorstep mile.

It’s been a while since I felt it. I used to feel this towards going to the gym, but luckily that rarely happens anymore. Now a days its something I experience when I am lacking something in my fridge and have to go to the shop. Which is just down the road btw and it takes me about five minutes to go there and return back to my house. Still.. It feels …soo… looooong. I want to slap myself for being lazy, but seriously I just can’t get over that this is such a huge deal to me. I guess it means that I’m spoiled, content and just don’t have the cravings bad enough to make me go out the door. Even if it is something that I really need. My body turns into a cement block just by me picturing the shop in my head.

Truth is that it’s really like any other thing we do during a day, in regards of motivation: To get motivated, we must start. It doesn’t really matter what we start with, as long as we start somewhere and then, suddenly, we’re going about that thing with enthusiasm. That is why this expression is so accurate, because it is the distance you have to walk to actually start something. It doesn’t point to the actual action nor the end result, it is about getting through that first step.

The doorstep mile has got me today and I don’t plan to do anything about it.

I do wonder, how often do you encounter this and in what specific scenarios? And last, but not least: do you have an expression for it? I would love to hear your answers!



  1. I’m having this right now!
    I should be making me some dinner but I’m glued to my couch and can’t be arsed to get up..
    And I should be working on a video as well but meh… isn’t procrastination another term for this kind of situation? 🙂

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    1. No not really. Because procrastination really refers to everything and the fact that you let yourself get distracted by other things rather than doing what you are supposed to, like doing lots of easy tasks or watching cat videos on youtube when you should have been finishing an important work document. The doorstep mile regards things outside the house, but I guess you can use it for couch laziness. I mean.. It is the specific hardship of starting, but not choosing to do something else instead. Does that make sense? 😛


  2. It does make sense what you were saying 🙂
    So it’s not even about being distracted, it’s the lack of starting. Anyway, as always, this has been an interesting read!

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