Murder at the mansion.

This weekend I did something really fun! Over Christmas I was told that Losby Gods, which is an old Norwegian hotel, does an active and participating theatre show where you find ourself in the middle of a murder mystery. I mean, a dream come true! I adore crime mysteries and with the promise of a Agatha Christie like night I went ahead and booked the first upcoming show right away. I didn’t really know what I was walking into other than a show with a three course dinner, over night stay and a royal breakfast.

The night started with a spooky mood at 7 pm and we arrived 15 minutes early to check in. Once settled in we met with the other participants in the lounge where we were greeted with a glass of bubbly and jumped right into the story with the actors. This was a family drama where the eldest brother had been strangled with a pillow and the family now had invited us to the yearly hunt at their mansion to be greeted by the new Count. (The murdered brother was haunting us all btw.) It went on as a dialog between the actors where hints about what really happened was dropped upon us. 

The experience is very well thought out: The breaks between meals and the actors dialog opens up for you to ask questions and discuss the events with the other guest. Your role for the night is to play Detective! It wasn’t until we sat down for dinner that I really got the hang of this and I was so engaged in this game that I got nicknamed Nancy Drew. Hah. I was all up in all the actors to get all the background stories and information about their feelings for each other. I got to say, I had my suspicions! Mid way through the dinner all the pieces started to fit together, but then an other murder happened and we had to rethink the whole situation. The story was so well put together that the possibilities were endless! Besides, the actors were very good liars.

The solution to the murder mystery came along during the dessert and anyone who wanted a say got to air their conspiracies. Which was extra fun! There were so many good ideas about what was really going on! Bonding with strangers like this was a really interesting experience and definitely something I am going to do again!

After the main event there was games and drinks in the bar and I got to meet some really interesting people. This whole experience is something that I would warmly recommend to everyone. And like I said, definitely something that I am going to do again.

If you want more information on the Losby Gods specific one, you can visit their website:

They do run them in English as well. 😉


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