A bit of everyday luxury and Christmas preparations.

This past week has been full of Christmas preparation, pampering and celebrations with good friends. In the midst of all this I’ve been snooping around town eating all sorts of delicious food, and today I just fell completely in love with this little pearl of calorie-bomb. It would be rude not to share, so I’ll reveal the magical place to you and give you visual story to what I’ve been up to.

Today I went to lunch with my friend Sandra after she was kind enough to save my lashes from destruction due to poor technical skills of another lash artist. Yeah, I’ve been getting my glam on this week – hey, it’s diva season. I mean, it’s always diva season, but this time of year it’s accepted. Sandra helped me out with both a new set of nail art and with my lashes. I’ll post pictures of her work further down, because now it’s time for foodporn. Look at this heavenly meal:

This place is located at Frogner in Oslo and is called San Fransisco Bread Bowl. As you probably can tell by the name it’s food served in bead bowls, and as if that wasn’t good enough already, they actually serve TRUFFLE four cheese mac&cheese. TRUFFLE. I absolutely adore everything truffle. I have been stricken by the thought of dedicating my life to eating truffle foods, seriously. Everyone that talks to me on a regular basis knows that I can’t shut up about food involving truffles, like Beverly Hills Wally’s truffle pizza. Yep, still think about that one every single day. I would say “Move over Wally’s, you’ve got some competition” – but hey, let’s be honest.. I’ll rather just have both. One on top of the other even. You can check out more pics of their delicious food right here: http://www.breadbowl.no

Frogner actually has lots of good places to eat and several of my favorites are located there. I would be happy to do a food guide for you if that is wanted – I forget that not all of you live in Oslo or visit that often – or have visited at all. We are spoiled by our surroundings and it slips my mind that Oslo might be exciting. Don’t get me wrong here, I love Oslo, but because it’s part of my everyday it slips my mind that there is excitement to share from our beloved capital too.

Anyway, a special thanks goes out to Sandra today for a food frenzy and perfect glam.

This lovely lady has her shop set up in Jan Thomas Studio Frogner and is absolutely amazing when it comes to nail art and lash art. I’m not saying that because she is my friend, I honestly would have been lost without her. Look what she did for me:

I was so full and content with myself when I got home that I just slept though my planned gymtime. Anyway, I promised a visual story of my movements this week, so here goes! I’ve been spending a lot of time in the city centre, did my friends pop up store party (his watches are amazing btw, you can get them at http://www.caspnorway.no), some Christmas shopping and some pampering at Eger Skin Clinic.

I hope you’ve been enjoying your Christmas preparations and that your week is wonderful so far. Thank you for stopping by.


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