Freedom – a state of mind?

Hello there. 

So, I just got back from a twenty-four hour trip to Trondheim, and curiously enough I always feel inspired to write at the end of a journey – No matter how long or short it has been. I’ve been engaged in several different topics of conversation in this time, but what really stuck with me is the sensation of freedom, so that is what I’m gonna go with to night. 

Freedom is something I personally hold as my highest value. This statement might seem vague, because what I might consider to be freedom might not be the same to you, even if we all have some similar perception to what freedom means. You might be familiar with the quote: 

Freedom is a state of mind. 

I find that to be true to some extent. Keep in mind that the context is crucial. I am not referring to those who are bound by slavery or captivity of any sort. There are many sorts of freedoms: The freedom of speech, the freedom of movement, the freedom of opportunity and so on. I am speaking out of my circumstances. The type of freedom I am aiming at here is personal freedom. I find this one the most intriguing because we are molded and shaped throughout our lives to percept ourselves as free, when the truth is that we are and choose to be bound by all sort of ridiculous chains. 

We are bound by sets of rules, norms and the fact that we have to deal with other people. There’s no escaping that. No matter where you go or how far away – you will always be a small unit of a bigger whole. A itty bitty piece of a puzzle. And this is where I find freedom to be interesting. See, to me, being free is to choose responsibility. No, I don’t mean responsibility for everything, but for me and my life. For the choices I make. I am free to choose to say and do whatever I like, and I do, but with that comes consequences and responsibility. This makes failing even more real and something that needs to be accepted. This also makes freedom a sate of mind: I am responsible for me. I am not responsible of how you might react (but I’ll have to deal with the matter of fact), that is actually your responsibility. And this is also where I think we loose our freedom. When we can’t accept others freedom and have to have it our way, on top of being overly carried away by what other people might think – we loose our freedom. We are masters at seemingly taking responsibility for shit that doesn’t matter and push our responsibility and acceptance for ourselves onto others. See what we are doing here? When we don’t own up to our choices and accept what we truly want and the consequences that comes with it, we are not free. This dance feeds frustration, and often blame shifting. Browsing thought quotes or freedom I kind of want to cry a little. Not because they are so damn good, but because I think they are completely misunderstood. Freedom is not to do whatever you want. Well it is, but not in the manner that this is perceived. I’ll rephrase it: Freedom is not to do whatever you want without consequences – because no such thing exists. Everything has consequences, and this is why freedom to me is responsibility.  

The following was the best freedom-quote I ever came across, so I wanted to share it: 

So is freedom a state of mind? Yes. Personal freedom is a state of mind, and it feeds and spread freedom in others. Freedom is not easy, but neither is the mind. 

Good night. 



  1. Freedom always has a degree of responsibility assigned to it. I wonder if the biggest crime associated with freedom, is those souls who do nothing with their freedom at all in the face of those enslaved. But even that is a choice of being free.

    Perhaps in conjunction with freedom is a deep sense of honesty? The freedom to speak, feel, be heard and also to listen enriches the fabric of your soul and that enrichment reciprocates in a positive way to others, if you carefully listen to your behavior.

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