Rebella was taken.

As a child, a little girl to be more precise, I was consumed by shyness. I was so shy and introverted that it disabled me from doing normal things like paying for my lollipop at the grocery-store. But I was also overly active under the right circumstances. In my space of safety. I was at this time given a ironically spot-on nickname: Rebella. It was my grandfathers favorite pet-name for me and it stuck within my family. Even to this day my family members smile pronouncing it, whilst reminiscing the spark it generated within my grandfather.

Unfortunately I am not the only one whom hold the honor of being petted with this genius nickname. Rebella seems to be a popular nick and I have never beaten others in the race of ownership in social media, which is why my blog and other SoMe platforms are named Rebeccmi. When I decided to create a new header for my blog, I knew I had to make Rebella work somehow, because it is the essence of my being. Not only by nickname, but also in the way I view the world, process impressions and carry myself. Just to clarify: This doesn’t mean that I rebell against everything, but I do inhabit a healthy skepticism to all things acknowledged as true, including my own constructed truths. It also means that I am not afraid of the uncomfortable and that I rather stay true to myself and cause a riot, than to dance to other peoples tunes in misery. These are the two most valued values I inhabit: honesty and skepticism. I question everything and I work hard to be honest with myself and with others – and that is rebellious in the context of the way our society work. How? Well, lets just imagine how sales of all the meaningless shit we buy would go if we started telling the truth and being honest with ourselves. If we didn’t base our choices on what other people might think. If we didn’t value other peoples opinions more than our own. The whole construction would crumble. So when I tell you that everything you know is wrong, I’m not implying that everything I know is right. It’s simply a provocation to plant a seed of let’s question everything and start thinking for ourselves

As you might be able to tell by now, Rebella is meaningful to me in several ways. Rebella is a part of my identity. The nickname might be taken in social media, but it will be with me forever in my heart, soul and physically on my body for as long as it remains intact. Rebella was my first tattoo and the most cherished of the ones I’ve got. It is a memory, an identity, a concept and a token of love.

So to all of you have asked me in the past (and to you whom will ask in the future) if I tattooed my name: No. I am very well aware of my name and I think it is just as stupid to tattoo your name as it is to have to label your home with H O M E letters in the hallway or living room . Like I need to decorate myself or my home with the most obvious of all things. If I ever forget my name or where I live, a tattoo or the decorating letters of home wouldn’t make me any wiser. 

Rebella might be taken, but it will always be mine regardless. 


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