A change of environment.

Welcome to my new blog theme. I was staring at my blog page today and decided to organize the clutter. This blog is a writing platform for me and I wanted it to feel like one as well. The whole header pic and what we in Norwegian call dilldall or krimskrams needed to go. I sincerely have no idea what that translate to in English, but the most reasonable one might be stuff.

So.. TADAAAAA! (Fun fact: I think of the Hebrew word for thank you whenever I hear or use the word tada, because to me it sounds exactly the same). This is it. I love the black and white theme, the feature on top and also how the whole layout of the front page is. I wasn’t sure if it was too sad without pictures, in all honesty, but I concluded with contentment. Pictures will be displayed within the posts as they always have been. I am actually doing something exciting regarding pictures soon and I am very excited about that! I haven’t been to hung up on photos, because like I said, this is a writing platform – but, I have been exploring my artistic side for a while and I would like to have something more to show for in compliment to my texts. Personally I love pictures as mood setters, so I am going to make an effort to create moods with other tools than my words in the future. Usually when I have an idea, a feeling or an experience, I type it up in my smartphone app and publish it immediately without much thought about mood setting or proof reading. As I am doing now from my MacBook. I will continue to do so, but I also want to be more mindful about my content and plan some of it a bit better without it losing its authenticity. Because that is my main priority: Authenticity. I view writing as an art and I want to compliment it with expansion into other creative fields, but don’t worry, the raw and unvarnished thoughts and feelings that I share with you will still be exactly that. 

I hope you enjoy this new layout as much as I do and I look forward to share more processed content with you in the future. 

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