A day in winter wonderland.

This weekend the annual Christmas market at Spikersuppa opened in Oslo, so Martine, Saga and I made a day of it. Even though the snow haven’t shown up yet, it definitely was a Christmas spirit boost!

The joy of doing these things with small children is genuine joy. I was more excited about Saga’s excitement than my own – and I started out the excited one for myself, believe me. I wish I could be new to the world again, sometimes. I mean, it’s not impossible to find the joy, I very much do – especially when I spend time with Saga or my nephew. It’s just so vivid and lovely to see the true excitement happening.

We did the whole shabam: ferries wheel, the marygoaround, gingerbread decorating, food, candy – we even said hi to Santa. Which scared the crap out of Saga, understandably.

The city was packed with people all over. Mostly because of the demonstration against changing our abortion laws, I think. So we joined in for a while, not that we could hear much of the appeals.

We ended the day by dancing to Christmas music in the middle of Karl Johan, laughing and enjoying ourselves. What’s life if you can’t dance wherever whenever?

I love Christmas markets, and I’m not really the most jolly Christmas person in the world. I mean.. I “decorate” with a light star and that’s it. It’s more about the spirit for me and I look forward to exploring more Christmas markets and happenings in the time to come before Christmas. And one of the most beautiful thing I know is all the light decorations in this time of darkness here in Norway.

If you plan on stopping by Oslo any time soon, be sure to hit Jul i Vinterland, which is the name of the market. You’ll have a good time no matter what age you are, I promise!


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