Greetings from Trondheim.

Right now I’m in Trondheim Norway, enjoying a beer and my book at a busy bar in the city centre. I am by myself, enjoying being at it’s fullest.

I had a bit of a slow morning, but in the end got myself down to the city centre for a walk, a bit of sighting and in the end some food and drinks. How I love to walk on such bright, sunny and refreshing days. Even if the cold overcomes you at some point. Which is when it’s nice to escape into a bar.

I’ve always been comfortable being alone and doing stuff on my own, especially when being abroad. At home too of course, but the threshold is slightly higher in Norway for some absurd reason. It might be because I know what I used to think and how we are culturally programmed to perceive solitude in general. It’s no secret that our society is built upon the union of two or more. You’re kind of a weirdo if you do things alone. But let me tell you, nothing is more liberating. Nothing is more adjusting and healthy for your soul than to do things on your own. You grow – they way you are meant to grow. Without interference.

So, I just wanted to drop by and wish you a lovely and happy Friday. Enjoy the beauty you surround yourself with and take care ❤


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