The silence of white.

The soundless fall of snow brings silence with it, upon all living and non-living things. The silence isn’t empty. It’s a pause in a noisy world. It’s the moment you can hear your soul. Silence isn’t empty. Silence is full of answers.

silently like thoughts that come and go, snowflakes fall, each on a gem.

I woke to the snowflakes dancing today. The trees are covered in white and it’s quiet. Usually I’m not thrilled over this because it usually means I’m stuck on the hill I live on. It’s cold. And it is days like this I don’t bother to step outside my door. But my heart sings today. As I poured my coffee, I could hear the silence. The calm. I could feel the love of just being and everything fell into place.



  1. My own experience with the beautiful silence of frozen snow came as a surprise and it was not something I sought out. I was at a friend’s house with a dozen other people watching a football game, it was really noisy, and a lot of beer and smoking. I went outside to pee.

    And I was immediately taken by the absolute and perfect Silence of the frozen world around me and how acutely fine all the leafless tree branches seemed with the fading sunset behind them casting soft purple, orange and pink light reflecting upon the crystal snow.

    I stood outside for a long time. And the blood in my ears was the loudest noise I heard, it was really quite amazing.

    I grew up in a warm climate, and that is where I live now. But that afternoon standing in the snow of the rural Illinois countryside, I was ashamed to move because the noise of my shoes crunching in the ice capped snow seemed like an embarrassment to the perfect silence all around me.

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      1. That was an important moment for me, and I knew then that I’d rather be outside most of my life then screwing around watching idiots on chase a football around on TV while I sit in a smoke filled room. Now, I spend as much time as I can on a trail or in the woods or in snowshoes.

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      2. Im kind of at a loss for words, but I recognise the feeling so very well and I am so happy for you. Is it not peculiar how such moments that we often go through life not paying much attention too in our everyday life can take our breath away and change our course? And how powerful it is when we listen to the quiet. Again, thank you so much for sharing. Enjoy the outdoors 🙂


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