The 21th century: the era of offence, self-deception and idiotism.

We are living in the strangest of times. I can of course only speak from my cultural and geographical context, but I suspect we’re all tainted in some respect due to our global engagement. I was having a moment with myself this morning where I reflected upon the fact that I haven’t really reflected upon anything much lately. This made me feel both very empty and very content that I have been busy with my own personal life. The thing is that I have days where I’m in my more introverted corner and I usually use these days to be creative, reflect, read or spend some sort of emotional or spiritual time with myself (how ever weird that might sound). Which I have been doing all day, but then it suddenly hit me. This has been boiling in my under-consciousness for days and days. Probably years, because it’s not my first string of thought made towards this subject. Far from it. But I realised that I am so goddamn fed up with idiotism. I am absolutely fed up with, and I quote my good friend here:

Society being adjusted according to the slowest, sickest and most incapable animal.

Because this is the reality of our time. In all my living years, no year has been worse in this regard than 2018. I mean, is it even remotely possible to become more stupid or offended than in society today? Is there ANYTHING that isn’t criticised? (And yeah, I see the irony here, but I cannot hold this in any longer). Why is it so? Why is it so that we are pointing fingers, judging and being assholes to each other about anything and everything that we can? WHY are people so intolerant?

You would think that our value system would have progressed towards 2018, but sadly it has not. Don’t misunderstand, we write and speak the words, but I suspect that the majority don’t have a clue what it really means. I am going to draw this from a Norwegian angle, because this is the one I know best. I have pointed out the weirdness of Norwegians liability to have to be like every other Norwegian earlier and this is the ultimate problem in the frame of our era of idiotism:

We must all be alike.

But wait, we are to be the best version of ourself. But only if it fits the frame of the likeness with the sickest, slowest and most incompetent animal. Shame on you if you’re smarter, prettier, healthier, happier or anything else in that regard. Shame on you if you fit in the ideal of others conception of perfect. Shame on you if your ambitions or your views collide with the one of the underdog. We can’t have that! We most certainly do not say it like it is either, no, we try to create a new ideal to put everyone in. Because god forbid that we eliminate the problem of an ideal by simply removing it through acceptance of indifference. No. We must be alike.

If you’ve fallen off my train of thought by now, I am going to exemplify this right now. I am choosing a less loaded example here, I do not want to start a forest fire. So, in Norway our mainstream of influence comes from, well, influencers. Bloggers. It’s such a big deal that even our politicians are involved. We don’t have an animal police, no, we’ve got a blog police. I am not joking. Anyway, the main cause of our influencers are arguments back and forth about beauty standards and the crisis of the beauty industry changing our conception of beauty. We shall all praise normal. Ok, I see no problem with people having that opinion. It becomes a problem when you’re shamed for being fit, but praised for showing of a chubby body in lesser clothing. It becomes a problem when natural isn’t allowed to be natural. So this is natural: difference. The “natural” concept uttered in this context means: “not better than..”, “not fitter than..” and “not prettier than..”. And what if some people want to adjust their looks? What is the problem? Why do you care so intensely? Why do you shame people that are different than you? Yes, I hear the standard arguments: “young people get influenced.”, “we need to set a new standard” and it goes on. You know what? What you’re actually doing is influencing that bullying is ok. That it’s not acceptable to be different. That it’s not acceptable to be normal. If you mean to utter that your core values are more tolerance for the natural, you must live up to your value. I think people should stop talking and pointing fingers and live up to their own words without shitstaining others. See, what you really are doing is creating a new ideal and shaming everyone that doesn’t fit in it. On top of that you are underlining that the physical is more important than your person.

In our era of idiotism we have forgotten life’s lesson, or maybe never learned them at all:

  • You cannot have everything you want.
  • To dim someone else’s light doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.
  • You cannot control your environment.

So what does this mean? Well, it means that it’s necessary to work on your person. Your value system, your reaction pattern and what type of human you want to be from the inside out. It seems to me like we have forgotten that we are more than physical bodies. That there is more to life than beauty and status. And most importantly that happiness is individual – like everything else! Because in the end all we want is happiness, right? What we need is acceptance and tolerance. We can’t just say it, we have to live it. Breathe it. And you need to stop being offended by everything. I hear Steve Hughes in the back of my head here:

“”I was offended! I was offended and I have rights! I was offended. I want to live in democracy, but I never want to be offended again!” – well you’re stupid!”

and that just speaks for itself.

I was going to take a step into self-deception in this regard as well, but I see now that this post is starting to look more like a thesis and it needs to come to an end.

My conclusion is this: we need to learn to understand our feelings and deal with the fact that it is ok not always be on top. It’s the way of life and the sooner we learn the better the life. We cannot run society on each individuals feelings, because despite it might be your wet dream that we’re all alike, we will never be. Not in mind and not in body. Acceptance and tolerance is key, and something that we lack today. I’ll leave it off with Steve’s thought train, because I cannot say it any better.

Thank you for stopping by and good night.


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