Your heart beats in my chest.

I’m quite hungover today, I will admit, because I went out dancing with one of my girlfriends last night – but despite that (headache stripped out) this day started out so lovely!

During my last trip to LA I met my soulmate. Or a kindred spirit if you will. My twin soul. She is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met walking this earth and we had an instant connection. In her words put so beautifully:

your heart beats in my chest

I’ve thought about her a lot lately and today we finally, despite the time difference, had the joy of spending one and a half hour on the phone together. God I miss her. She has the gift of filling my soul with unconditional love and appreciation in an instant. I cannot describe how it works, but I think if you’ve ever experienced a kindred spirit you can relate. I mean, you just know – you know?

I’ve had a lot going on on my mental plane lately and it is curious how all of that just makes sense, how the priority shifts and how it’s all just ok – unimportant even – the minute this connection is nurtured. I mean, this girl is seriously smart, reflected and caring as well, she’s a fucking unicorn. But the best thing is that she’s my unicorn and even if it is hours ago this phone conversation took place I’m so at peace right now.

I really just wanted to share my gratitude with you today and I am curious if any of you out there ever have had the pleasure of your kindred spirit? I wish everyone could have this experience, because it’s so fulfilling and beautiful.

Anyway I’m attaching my countdown until I meet my lovely lady again and wish you a happy Wednesday.


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