Rediscovering my soul’s desires.

I’ve started a new journey. A journey of rediscovering the things that set my soul on fire. I didn’t realise, but there are so many things I stopped doing for no particular reason. After this Sunday’s brooding I came to the conclusion that I need to map out what I enjoyed doing as a child, as well as an adult, cross reference them and do something about it.

This took me days and a lot of research, but in the end I have a booked list of things I’ve got up and coming (and some I already started):


It’s the most mentally and physically cleansing thing I can do to myself. I enjoy how the pain empties my mind completely and takes me to a higher place of relaxation.

Horseback riding

I used to LOVE horses. In fact that was my main hobby for years and you would always find me in the stables. Unfortunately we moved to a place that didn’t offer anything like it and that put a natural end to it. I’m pretty sure I would have been riding full time in some sort of horse sport if I had stayed on it, so now I’m going back to the basics. Also, horses are my favourite spirit animal.

One year writing course

Yep. I’m doing it. I love to write and I have the intention to have a book published before I die. Therefor I am signing up to a writers course to get some development and new skills. I am super excited about this and can’t wait to start!

This is my list for now and I’m excited to keep you updated as I go along. But first I’m taking a weekend trip with my friend Martine and thirty other people to this years pike fishing competition. It’s gonna be a party, so if you wanna know how Norwegians behave in the countryside please don’t hesitate to follow my instagram – I’ll post stories throughout the weekend.


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