Visit Israel part 1: 6 things you must do!


As the social outkast-Norwegian I am I made very spontaneous decision to book a trip to Israel two days prior to leaving. Alone. It might sound crazy to some, but then again completely normal to you fellow Globetrotters out there. I did have a person waiting for me on the other side of customs though, so I wasn’t going completly bananas. Even so, it really was a trip of a lifetime. I never thought Israel to be a destination I would visit, for reasons unknown, but then again it really surprised me how wonderful this place is. In many ways it was like coming home – I will get back to that later in this post. First, lets get in to the practical stuff:

It takes about 8 hours to travel from Norway to Israel, with one stop. I chose to fly with Polish Airways simply because it was 1. Cheap and 2. A shorter amount of traveltime. There are many hotels to commit to, so you might want to set your intentions for your trip before you pick one. Prices are high and therefore staying at a beach resort might be a waste of money if you plan to travel around. Relax, there is enough beach for you to spend time on anyway. I chose the Leonard Boutiqe Hotel, which was really really great! The room was super nice and the staff super friendly. The only thing that weirded me out was the whole kosher thing about not pushing buttons on Saturdays. What – no coffee machine?! Crises! You must know that I knew absolutly nothing about Jewish culture piror to my trip. Anyway, I survived that as well. They did have coffee after all.  There is no need to panic about booking hotels in other cities if you plan on staying over somewhere either, you can do that when you arrive. Now, with the practical stuff out of the way let’s look at 6 things you must do!

You can go pretty much anywhere and it’s all beautiful. I also love that Tel-Aviv is full of chill zones where people just lay down and feel life. Isn’t that just great?! It’s unusal for me to see people spend so much time outside with friends and family, mosty because Norwegians do that in remote places like the mountains or in the forest. And even though we come out of our winter hibernation during spring and summer, you usually find us in a bar or in the park that we turned into a bar. In Tel-Aviv people are just everywhere – which is great!

I spent my 7 days travelling around seeing all that I could see. I feel very honored though to have such a great tour guide to rely on – because I had no idea what to do. As you can see we spent time by the Dead Sea, in Tel-Aviv, the Bahai gardens, Jaffa and Jerusalem. Everything is just an hour or a couple away, so you really can make it all in good time. I was very astonished by the fact that what I though was so different actually reminded me of home in many ways. I mean, Israel is different, but the whole vibe of people are very similar. With that I mean the temper and behaviour of people. I didn’t feel out of place at all. Take away the chill zones and Sunday on Saturdays and voila: home.

If you’re tempted, go for it! I’ll share my personal top 5 and why with you inmy next post.


På gjensyn!

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