5 Brilliant Norwegian laws that will make you question humankind.

It’s not unusual to trip over articles about silly laws around the world. What surprises me is Norwegians lack insight into our own tragicomic laws. I did quick google search and let’s just say that I wasn’t impressed. What it taught me is that we love to make fun of American laws, but that we lack the self insight to humour ourselves by our own stupidity. So, to help correct this awry image I’ve taken the liberty to list five nonlogical laws of this wonderful country we call home.

Doesn’t this make you want to be a naughty person? Let’s run around in the forest picking mushrooms dressed in balaclavas while drinking double rum&cokes! I’m not going to encourage you to help out with the prostitution business, but you get my drift. Actually in most small cities you’re not allowed to buy food after 1am on the weekends, so let’s make it in to a picnic! You see, some politician thought food queues was the answer to the question “why do drunk people fight?”.

So there you go. Norwegians aren’t any better with legislation than anyone else. It might not be the most serious of laws, but good luck with the law enforcement. We tend to make up new laws without correcting old ones, like the prostitution law, which makes us end up with ironic laws like these. Or think for that matter: let’s forbid something that grows wild all around us!

Got to love Norwegian logic.

På gjensyn!


  1. I’m kind of fascinated by your laws. During the campaign to prevent drilling for oil in LoVeSe, I read your Constitution (in English) and read of the right to a healthy environment. Which I found unique as a human right. I’d be curious to know how contested that type of law is (or isn’t, based on traditions). I had considered law school at one point.

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    1. That depends on the context. The drilling of oil always creates a storm, especially when it’s that close to the mainland. When it comes to environment we do have a lot of weird nonsense as well, but that’s mainly smaller things like environment speed limits during winter, but they put salt all over which is worse.. and the problem with particulate matter would be solved by washing twice during winter season. It’s more in that direction.
      With that said, nothing is like the taking a deep breath after arriving in Norway after a trip. 🙂

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