The journey

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog The Norwegian way of life.

Why you must wonder? Well, several roads led me to this point. First off I used to blog about fitness and mindfulness, which are two key elements in my life. Eventually I shut it down due to lack of inspiration. There’s only so much one can share without walking around with ones heart on ones sleeve. And as a Norwegian – I really don’t do that. As a hedonist with a love for travelling I did soon discover a response of ideas and assumptions about both Norway and what it means to be Norwegian. In recent years this has developed into a hot topic amongst ourselves as well, especially with multiculturalism knocking on our door. It has never been more important to cherish our culture, built up over thousands of years, and what it really means to be Norwegian. Both as a Norwegian, but also in our global world. I’ve always had a significant interest in what it means to be human and why we think as we do, and more importantly why we do the things we do. This took me through years of philosophy, intellectual history and the studies of utopias in the University of Oslo. All of this mixed with some thirty years of life experience: Here we are!

I’m going to leave some level of mystery as to who I am, but I promise you will get to know me as we go along together. Are you intrigued? Make sure to subscribe by hitting the follow-button on your right hand side.

På gjensyn!

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