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2018 has been many things. It has been a year I most certainly can look back on and be grateful for, but it has also been the year that helped me grow in the most painful way. 2018 has taught me many things and given me many things to be grateful for. But it is […]

Love is perishable.

A strong statement, I know, because we are all fed with the ideal of unconditional love. Which is very much real, but unconditional doesn’t happen over night. Unless it’s your children I guess. Unconditional love doesn’t mean the lack of hardships either. Unconditional love doesn’t mean that we don’t have to nourish or feed it, […]

Rule number 6.

I am not much of rule-rider, or regelrytter, as we call it in Norwegian. But I am a true believer in having both your values, personal principles and your shit together. I have also rambled about Jordan Petersons 12 rules for life: An antidote to chaos several times, both here, on instagram and in my everyday […]